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Cupcakes are always a welcome, but when you need something a little extra special you may want to bake some fancy cupcakes. What makes fancy cupcakes fancy is the decorations you use to make them stand out. There are many things you can do to make your cupcake decorations worthy of the word fancy. You can add candies, fruits or sprinkles. You can made the frosting is fun shapes. You can add anything you want to make those cupcakes pop! Fancy can mean anything from decadent elegance or frenzy fun for the kiddos. If you really want your cupcakes to look fancy, try making the frosting yourself. It is easy to spot homemade frosting on a cupcake. It looks lighter, fluffier and creamier. Homemade frosting for fancy cupcakes is easy to prepare if you have a food processor or a mixer!

Fancy Butter Cream Frosting

What makes it fancy?

This icing comes out so creamy and fluffy that it screams homemade. Once you top your cupcakes with it, all you have to do to make them fancy cupcakes is make slight swirls with a butter knife and sprinkle on some silver button candies.

What you will need:

5 egg whites from large eggs

1 and ¼ cups sugar

4 sticks of putter at room temp and cut into small pieces

2 tsp of pure vanilla

A stand up mixer

Begin by combining the sugar and the egg whites in the mixer bowl and put the mixing bowl over a pan of water that has been brought to a simmer. This is like a homemade double boiler. Take a whisk and mix the eggs and sugar while over heat until it is smooth and you can rub it between your fingers and feel no grain. This takes about 3 minutes. Put the bowl back on the mixing unit and hit start. Begin with a low setting and raise the power slowly, mixing for at least 10 minutes so the peaks form and are stiff. Add the butter and beat again until the mix is smooth once again and then add the vanilla. Now you want to use your paddle attachment and go for about 2 minutes on a low speed. That is all there is too it! You now have fancy cupcake frosting! Decorate as desired.

Fancy cupcake Décor:

The above frosting recipe can be used in many different ways to make any type of fancy cupcake look you want. You can put the frosting in a Ziploc bag, poke a hole in the corner and use it as an icing pipe.  Pipe on the frosting by having someone slowly spin the cupcake around. This will give it a fun design. If you love butter cream but your daughter has her heart set on pink frosting, add food coloring during the mixing process until it is the pink color you want it to be. Once you have frosted the cupcakes the way you want them, put a raspberry in the center of each and sprinkle some edible glitter over the top. Now that is what fancy cupcakes should look like! There is really no limit to what you can design, so experiment with it and have fun!

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Ricardo April 27, 2012 at 8:59 am

Ok, those look amazing. I love vlinala cupcakes and I love non-chocolate icing and I love candy canes (One of the best things about winter is being able to make peppermint bark!) so these look awesome. I might have to try this recipe when I’m back in the US. I have a little bit of crushed candy cane left over that’s not enough for a batch of bark. :)

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